December 2018
Super Studio with Prof. Aziza Chaouni, Petros Babasikas and Behnaz Assadi
Collaboration with Ted Marchant, Simba Mai and Yukun Bai

The Woodlot is an urban scale project - that aims to redefine the Golden Mile in Toronto which is currently covered almost completely by concrete. The project aims to create a higher density neighbourhood that is also integrated with a productive forest. This would also be a pilot project to test whether urban trees could grow faster with increased carbon emission, following current research.

The lumber produced by the forest is processed on site and used for wood construction of the new mid rise residential buildings. The process of converting a mostly concrete landscape into a forest begins with converting the parking lot and then making agreements with developers who are already interested in properties - to convert part of the site into forest in exchange for allowance in the zoning for taller buildings.

The hydro-corridor on the northern side of the site is used as a tree nursery, to allow for an animal corridor to spreed the seeds, in order to create a self seeding forest.